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The derivatives market is not for the faint-hearted, or for the ill equipped. As the National Stock Exchange pioneers the trading of options in 55 stocks, you need a top-end, cutting edge digital assistant to help fashion your strategy, and minimize your risks.

SmartOptions is India’s first leading edge digital assistant for your options trades.

Features :

  • Online Market Feeds From NEAT Terminal. [No Delay]
  • 4 Different Types Of Calculator - Single Strike / Multiple Strike / Probability / Stimulations.
  • Accurate projections based on probability and simulations.
  • Pay-Off Calculator - Calculates Profit/Loss on each & every transactions (Options & Futures) with absolute & annualised Returns on Investments.
  • Powerful Query Module For Options & Futures. 50+ Queries for in depth market analysis.
  • ( Volume Queries / Increase or Decrease in Open Interest /  Put-Call Ratio / Historical Volatality / Implied Volatality / All Greeks / Open Interest Value / Futures at Discount or Premium / Combined Open Interest / Combined Volume )
  • Access to actual historical data of the National Stock Exchange and in all 55 stocks in which options are allowed ( as well as the index derivative ).
  • Live Strategy Guide - Depending upon market outlook select the best strategy ( 35+ strategies ) with Payoffs & Net Cash flow.
  • Live Market Watch.
  • Market Alerts.

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