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What Really Happened In The Market


If you are looking for the Real picture, you have to focus on the smart money: in which stocks entries and exits --- purchases and sales --- are building up. It’s the vital momentum story. Only one statistic can let you into that secret: the trends in delivery-based trades.


But consider this. The National Stock Exchange runs up a mind boggling 10 lakh-plus trades per day in over 700 genuinely traded stocks. There has been absolutely no standard application available that allows you to retrieve vital telltale clues from the massive mass of data that this trading generates. The data is simply too overwhelming to reveal the Real story.


The breakthrough is here .


SmartDel, the intelligent software from developers of India’s first derivatives strategy assistant SmartOptions, allows you to crack as many as 48 complex queries on the massive trading data. It flashes amazingly regular signals on emerging trends in stocks.


SmartDel is India’s first software to assist you analyze delivery patterns across the market.


SmartDel is easy to use: brokers, dealers, traders, professionals, investors etc. all can use it with minimum pain.


Here is what you can do with it:

·        Stay informed on delivery statistics of all stocks

·        Find stocks with abnormal changes in delivery quantity

·        Check delivery ‘patterns’ of stocks with price impact

·        Access historical data of all stocks listed on NSE

·        Restrict querying to stocks of your interest

·        Query on all available data



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